We officially declare that we stop our public art activities. Now we can become the heroes of Wikipedia and History books. 

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This site is meant for all the medieval and viking event organizers, medieval festival and entertainment managers or just a persons who would like to know a little bit more about Medieval Theater, about Us and Our Previous Works.

“DiGrease’s Buffoon Theatre” was an street theatre of medieval carnival culture, juggling and buffoonery, Vikings and Slavs, music and dances, acrobatics and fire, acting and drama.

You still can e-mail us at fireshow@tut.by,

or  call (+37529) 507-62-63.

You are welcome to email us to ask about different types of medieval entertainers: jugglers, storytellers, musicians, stilt-walkers, buffoons, artists, actors, fire-performers, fakirs, acrobats.

We were really glad to perform at your festivals!

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Russian Abusive Language Words Definitely Necessary In English

Russian Abusive Words Definitely Necessary In English

We know people around the world are really like Russian Abusive Language. Each time we meet our fans somewhere in Europe or America, when people learn we are from Belarus, the first thing they try to do - is to understant, what is Belarus and where is it.

But the second thing, when thy learn we are near Russia - they try to  demonstrate us they know russian abusive words. 

So here is a small encyclopedia for you.


Medieval theatre: We have host our first Hour Of Code event!

Medieval theatre: We have host our first Hour Of Code event! 

We're making evaluation right now. 

Thank you to all volunteers of DGBT!

We will post the full report soon.



New Training session developed. Speech Structure Patterns.

New Training session developed.

Speech Structure Patterns


This training are made for advanced speakers and presenters to complete their competencies in developing the right presentation architecture. 

You are welcome to sent your questions to bekar.minsk@gmail.com.

You may find below the syllabus of the training course. 


Our new Stilt Dance Show video!

Our new Stilt Dance Show video!



CALL FOR PROPOSALS for Street Theatre Projects

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for Street Theatre Projects

Photo: Mohamed Amine Abassi


Deadline: 4th May 2015, 21:00 (GTM)

Do you have a proposal that will use street theatre to challenge racism and discrimination in your society?



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Цитата дня:

В  жизни нет иного смысла, кроме того, какой человек сам придает ей, раскрывая свои силы, живя плодотворно.

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