Theatre history

History and origin of the Theatre

DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre was founded in July, 2005.

DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre makes researches in the field of Belarusian Authentic Culture, particularly in Belarusian dances, songs and music, storytellers, singers, minstrels, actors perform the traditional Belarusian and Baltic folk dances, legends and songs. The use of traditional flutes, gusli, medieval bagpipes and other instruments bring true archaic flavour to the performance.

DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre performs mysterious and exotic fire shows in archaic, European medieval and modern styles. Our first fire show performance is an illustrious one-act straight fire-play "Sabbath", based on the novel "Viy" by N. V. Gogol (performed in cooperation with dance group Gistrion).

Our second big work is dramatic fire show performance "Alchemist" based on the poem of Johann Wolfgang Goethe "Erlkönig". Lasts 30 minutes. This performance was created and staged in May, 2009. It was presented for the first time at the festival of fire arts "Kiev Fire Fest 2009" in Ukraine.

Цитата дня:

Успешный мужчина - тот, кто зарабатывает больше денег, чем его жена может потратить. Успешная женщина - та, которая сможет найти такого мужчину. 

Бьенвенида Бак


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