The Theatre activities are developed in three main directions.

The first one is the medieval times open-air Theatre, which presents wandering jesters and jugglers, dancers and musicians, acrobats and storytellers. Travelling around the medieval markets worldwide we fascinate people who want to touch the mysterious period of the Middle Ages.

No doubt you’ve seen such medieval street actors, performing on the stone paving in beautiful old towns. May be, you saw us?

The second direction is magnificent fire dance performance. Incredible dances and juggling with open fire leave no one indifferent.

The theatre has been thriving in the sphere of fire show since it came into existence in Belarus. Through all these years we have proved ourselves as the best and the most reliable fire show team in the country.  Let the fire disperse the darkness and warm up the hearts!

The last one is the Viking and Slavic Theatre.  This is the re-enactment of the earliest entertainment culture: folk dances, games, songs, storytelling and, of course, the music of VIII-XII centuries. It’s hard to imagine Viking markets and festivals without these activities that make integral part of Viking and Slavic cultures.

Also our medieval theatre proposes native authentic and exclusive Belarusian traditional folk dances and games.

We’ve turned the fascination in the Middle Ages, fire show and Ancient Times into our lifestyle. We love what we do and make our best to impress and inspire the others.

Medieval Theatre

Nowadays "DiGrease’s Buffoon Theatre" reconstructs the culture of wandering medieval theatre, theatre of jugglers and acrobats, music and farces, mimes and stilt-walkers, medieval jesters, dances and fire-works.  

medieval theatre, carnival, medieval entertainers, jesters, средневековый театр, карнавал, шут, скоморох

  • Are you looking for professional medieval themed entertainers?
  • Are you organising a medieval themed wedding, market, festival or party?

We can provide the best medieval entertainers and performers in Europe. All our medieval entertainers are hi-skilled professionals. We have a wide range of medieval acts available including authentic medieval performers for those events which require them. 


Fire show

Fire show in Medieval, Viking, Industrial, Renaissance, Chicago 30's styles.

Medieval and Fire Theatre "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre" provides a wide variety of fire show performers - fire jugglers, fire eaters, fire breathers and fire poi spinners and swingers

Undoubtedly,  our most beautiful performances  are Fire Dance and Fire Acrobatics.



Folk show

Folk show and traditional dance workshops

folk, music, programs, dances, instruments

Ancient myths and legends, dances, songs and games bring us back to our history and native roots. They all can revive and beautify any holiday, wedding or other ceremony in folk style. Our host of the occasion will both describe the ritual peculiarities and make its detailed reconstruction. According to the traditions each celebration is to be finished with jolly folk dances, live music, songs and active Slavic games.


Viking Theatre / Viking Themed Entertainment

The information about vikings is usually brief and stereotyped: invasions, wars and fights. The side of entertainment is usually ignored. But Early Medieval folks also loved to dance, to play games, to listen to music. 

For sure, viking times were also filled with entertainments. Nowadays we try to collect and reconstruct all the details of ancient folk culture - dances, music, songs and games. And each viking festival should be filled with them.


Led light show

Led light showled, light, show, UV, dark light,

Led light performance is a good replacement for fire-show for an in-door holiday.  Dancers and jugglers in fluorescence costumes and make-up show a bright and dynamic performance. The use of various luminous instruments and ultraviolet light make it unforgettable. It is suitable for a disco club, a café, a restaurant or a house.


Stage dances

Stage dances, dance performances, tribal dance, bellydanceStage dance performances in variety of styles

"DiGrease’s Buffoon Theatre" has been representing stage dances for more than 9 years. We offer a wide range of dance programs to match any kind of the event – Medieval, Renaissance, folk, Irish, retro dances, tribal-dance, dance worksops.



fantasy, fairy tales, animation, LARP

LARP, Fantasy programs, animation of fantasy and fairy tales.

  • How to decorate a holiday in fantasy style;

  • How to organize a ball of the Flower Queen;
  • What are the key points to make a party like in the books about Harry Potter and Hogwarts ;
  • Elves party;
  • How to carry out a magic ritual.



Workshops, lessons and study circles for all

workshop, dance, lesson, studio, education“Digrease’s Buffoon Theatre” is a team of highly qualified professionals with long stage experience. We are glad to share our skills. In addition to our regular studios ( we offer entertainming workshops for your event's public and for all persons interested. The aims of these activities are to entertain, master and develop new unique skills.




Animation is a process of creating magnificent atmosphere, hosting the event, meeting guests, amusing the visitors with live statues, mimes, juggling and music workshops.

We perform in the following styles:

  1. Middle Ages and Renaissance (buffoons, acrobats, stilts-walkers, jugglers, musicians, beautiful ladies and cavaliers in proper clothes);
  2. Viking style (skomorokhs, men and women in traditional clothes);
  3. Fire show (fakirs, fire-breathing);
  4. Celtic (men and women in traditional Celtic clothes);
  5. Fantasy (various heroes from elves to vampires).


Gothic party

The section is not complete yet. The Medieval Theatre “DiGrease’s Buffoon Theatre” is working on the content of this page. The information on the appropriate topics will be provided soon. The main themes for observation are as follows:

  • How to design a party in gothic style;
  • The main keys for a successful gothic party;
  • How to organize a vampire ball;
  • How to make a bloody and memorable vampire party;
  • How to prepare for Halloween party;
  • How to make artificial blood;
  • Where to find vampire animators for a party.


Цитата дня:

Успешный мужчина - тот, кто зарабатывает больше денег, чем его жена может потратить. Успешная женщина - та, которая сможет найти такого мужчину. 

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