Led light show


led, light, show, uv, dark, neonLed performance is a good replacement for fire-show for an in-door holiday.  Dancers and jugglers in fluorescence costumes and make-up show a bright and dynamic performance. The use of various luminous instruments and ultraviolet light make it unforgettable. It is suitable for a disco club, a café, a restaurant or a house.


led, light, show, uv, dark, neon


Led light show is an extraordinary entertaining show. It can be found on the boarder of light and dark. It is an up-to-date and spectacular genre in art and show-business, which beauty has been estimated a lot of times. Our artists will make your holiday really bright and full of impressions. Led show is held in  a dark room where the guests can fully enjoy the charming beauty of neon colors and the power of modern technologies.  


led, light, show, uv, dark, neonThe led light show is an appropriate replacement to the fire show on the themed parties as “Aliens”, “Welcome to the future”.  On our performances we use fluorescent make-up and costumes and an ultraviolet lamp. Highly professional artists who succeed in fire show are provided. 

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Успешный мужчина - тот, кто зарабатывает больше денег, чем его жена может потратить. Успешная женщина - та, которая сможет найти такого мужчину. 

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