Folk show

Folk show and traditional dance workshops

folk, dance, music, traditional instrumentsAncient myths and legends, dances and music, songs and games bring us back to our history and native roots. They all can revive and beautify any holiday, wedding or other ceremony in folk style. Our host of the occasion will both describe the ritual peculiarities and make its detailed reconstruction. According to the traditions each celebration is to be finished with jolly folk dances, live music, songs and active Slavic games.


folk, dance, music, traditional instruments

Belarus is a part of the Baltic region. Our native land has long-lived traditions that were influenced by the traditional culture of adjoining lands. Our wide-spread interests helped to learn folk music, dances and games if Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and other regions. It really helps us to understand the process of migration and evolution of folk music and dances. As a result we can clearly understand our own roots, the roots of 

folk, dance, music, traditional instrumentsour souls. Long researches enabled us to store the knowledge about traditional folk dances and music so that we can present them to public and teach all the interested people.




folk, dance, music, traditional instruments

We often organize and lead different Open Traditional Culture Workshops, where the guests are shown and taught folk music, games, dances and rituals of the early epoch. We use only authentic medieval folk instruments (bagpipes, flutes, tambourines, jew's-harps) and historical costumes. Every festival visitor can learn a couple of dances and take them away as a sweet memory.

folk, dance, music, traditional instruments



We offer the following stage dance performances and workshops for public:


  • “Hey, hey, taykachyki!” - Folk music and dance teathrical farce (A story about the interaction between a musician and pretty dancers);
  •  “Yavarovy ludzi” (traditional dance workshop with live folk music);
  •  ”Dances and games of the roots” (Public workshops on traditional games and dances with live folk music).folk, dance, music, traditional instruments, fire show
  • "Legend of Dragon" - funny version of old early-medieval story about figh with a dragon. With live folk music.
  • "Folk fire show" - fire performance based on folk music and traditional dance movements with elements of acrobatic. In folk costumes.

Цитата дня:

Успешный мужчина - тот, кто зарабатывает больше денег, чем его жена может потратить. Успешная женщина - та, которая сможет найти такого мужчину. 

Бьенвенида Бак


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