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We offer a wide range of viking themed entertainments: viking music, folk games, theatre, jesting, stilts-walkers, acrobatics, fakirs, farces, children programs, viking themed fire show.

We can fill your festival with viking activity and offer you the lowest prices.

You can order one of our ready viking performances, either a small one (for example, a funny one-act viking storytelling farce) or a full package of various performances including viking music, stage dances, viking themed fire show, folk dances, children games and workshops for public. Moreover, we can develop a special scenario, taking into consideration the specific character of the event.  

Please,  email us to find out the details.

In the VIII-XII centuries the countries we know today didn’t exist. On the territory of contemporary northern and East European countries lived Slavic, Baltic, German and Scandic tribes. The level of interaction between them in trade and culture was very high. The geographical position favored the establishment of close relations. Through trade journeys the tribes exchanged experience, traditions and, of course, entertainers.

- Are you organising a viking festival or market? 

- A viking themed corporate party? 

- A viking outdoor event? 

- Or a viking themed wedding

- So, are you looking for professional viking themed entertainers?

We can provide the best viking themed entertainers and performers in Europe. We have a wide range of viking themed acts available including authentic viking themed performers for those events which require them. All our viking themed entertainers are professionals with full public liability insurance.

Nowadays Viking Fire Theatre "DiGrease’s Buffoon Theatre" reconstructs the culture of viking theatre, early-medieval dances, games, theatre, juggling, music and playing with fire.          

The viking themed entertainers and performers we can provide include the following:

Viking Themed Jesters - "Skhomorokhs" (from territory of Polotsk, Novgorod and Berestje's kingdoms). We have Juggling Skhomorokhs, Stilt Walking Skhomorokhs, Fire Eating Skhomorokhs and Skhomorokhs acts who can host the whole event. Our jesters-skhomorokhs can perform wandering, meet & greet and show entertainment to amuse konungs, christians, fighters, women and peasants alike! 


Viking themed Musicians. Our medieval musicians and scaldes can provide wonderful atmospheric music to help create an authentic early-medieval effect. Viking themed musicians available are solo musicians, early medieval musican groups, viking musicans and dancers.


Viking themed Stilt Walkers. We can provide a wide variety of viking stilt walkers that will create a great atmosphere. Among these stilt walkers are skhomorokhs, jugglers, flag-stinners, whipers, dances and musicians (Yes, it is, we even can dance and play bagpipe on stilts!)


Viking themed Fire Performers. We have high skill fire performers who can create a blazing finale to any Viking event. We have Viking fire eaters, fire breathers, fire jugglers and Viking themed fire shows.


Viking themed Acrobats - "Skhomorokhs" . We have some high skill viking time acrobats who can perform amazing acrobatic shows. 


Viking themed dances. People danced for all the time of humanity, and, obvious, they danced in Viking times at Scandic territories. So we can show your public those dances. And even teach them: no matter, children or adults.


Viking Theatre and Character Acts. We can provide some great Medieval character acts to add that authentic medieval atmosphere to your event. 


Viking Storytellers. It was, according to historical sources, the most popular entertainment for konungs and fighters of Viking times. 



We can advise on the best performers available and what acts would be most suitable for your viking event.

We can provide a package of viking time performers for your themed event and co-ordinate the entertainment for the day or evening.

All our entertainers are highly skilled, trained performers with full public liability insurance.


Viking Age Theatre of Skomorokh

 Skhomorokhs are the wandering actors and bards of the Viking Age who were wide-spread in the whole Baltic region.  Our Theatre is the first one to reconstruct the movement of Skomorokhs: we not only "stylize" the costume, but also present the repertoire of performances, archaic musical instruments and tunes, storytelling, music, theatre, jester acts of skhomorokhs, etc.

Being the only one Skomorokh Theatre in Belarus (the land of Skomorokh) we’ll be very glad to acquaint you with the amazing atmosphere on the Viking Festival.


 Viking Age dances and games

Belarus is a part of the Baltic region. Our native land has long-lived traditions that were influenced by the traditional culture of adjoining lands. Our wide-spread interests helped to learn folk dances and games if Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and other regions. It really helps us to understand the process of migration and evolution of dances. As a result we can clearly understand our own roots, the roots of our souls. Long researches enabled us to store the knowledge about traditional folk dances so that we can present them to public and teach all the interested people.

We often organize and lead different Open Traditional Culture Workshops, where the guests are shown and taught folk games, dances and rituals of the early epoch. We use only authentic Viking-age instruments (bagpipes, flutes, tambourines, jew's-harps) and costumes.  Every festival visitor can learn a couple of dances and take them away as a sweet memory.

We have created a special program "Viking Age Dances and Games" that gives a notion of old long-lived traditions. This Viking program was presented in Poland: Wolin Viking Fest'05, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12; Biscupin Viking Museum'05, 08, 09; in Netherlands: Eindhoven Vikingmarket'06, 07, 08; In Finland: Aland'09, 12; In Norway: Stavanger'10, 11 and Landa'10, '11, '12; in Belarus: Braslaw Living Archeology Holiday'06, 07, 09; at Baltic Dance Nights (Latvia'06, 07, 08) and others.

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